Cultural heritage in Indonesia

 Cultural heritage

For a long time, many Indonesian heritage have been admired by foreign tourists. The National Museum, which is full of masterpiece archaeological objects, has always been the main destination for foreign tourists visiting Jakarta. Borobudur Temple which is full of mystery always invites the admiration of tourists who visit it. The wealth of arts and culture along with its historical aspects has always been the main attraction for foreign tourists.

In 1978 a Cooperation Commission for the Guidance and Development of Cultural Tourism Objects was formed by the Directorate General of Tourism and the Directorate General of Culture. Their respective time is under the Ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Since then, all kinds of archaeological research, including restoration, have been directed towards tourism.

The number of tourist visits to various cultural heritages makes our culture more meaningful. Especially now that the fields of culture and tourism are under one parent so that handling is easier. However, many problems are still not handled properly.

In fact, there are many cultural heritages that have great potential to attract tourists. Unfortunately, it is still being restored and has been neglected until now. The cause is lack of funds, a classic problem that always occurs from time to time. When compared with other developing countries, Indonesian culture is arguably parallel to the cultures of Egypt, China and India.

However, the three countries are more advanced in dealing with cultural tourism. Their management is better than Indonesia. In fact, the budget they spend is much bigger than ours here. One of the countries that attracts the most foreign tourists thanks to its cultural heritage is Greece. Within a year, Greece is visited by 12 million foreign tourists to witness the legacy of their famous ancestors.

This number is far more than the total population of Greece. Greece can move forward because its management is professional. Its human resources are of high quality. The handling is not random, but has future prospects. So far, we also know that Spain has always assumed bullfighters to attract the attention of world tourists.

They are able to bring in about 20 million tourists per year. So fabulous. It is not impossible for Indonesia to take advantage of its cultural heritage for the consumption of tourists. You must also be careful not to be displaced by Vietnam and Cambodia, whose heritage is similar to that of Indonesia.


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